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The most natural and obvious question would be “Why Offshore Banking?”

The local bank is a place one considers the safest and best custodian for one’s wealth. The bank is also a natural advisor for one’s financial moves. Fair enough, one would say. Yet another facet is that the bank is governed by the law and policy of the land where it is operational. This is exactly where the concept of Offshore Banking Services is catching on. The very fact that these banks that are located Offshore are governed by the laws of the land where they are geographically and physically located accounts for the scales tipping heavily in their favor because of less stringent, more business friendly and thus more favorable laws and taxation procedures.

Running a business, making a success of it and maintaining that winning position is no more the easiest of situations to be in.

A whole number of Government bodies, Financial and other Institutions, Creditors, and individuals have the RTI [right to information] on an individual on a need to know basis.

So, one’s own privacy is perhaps an obsolete and not so private concept anymore.
By the very virtue of being successful one may become a sitting and easy target for unwanted and money sucking lawsuits which may well take one to the edge of penury.
The onus and punishment for deviously applied laws are not limited to Business owners alone. Even if one has been a long standing officer in a company or a corporation one is as much the target for punishment by law as the Corporate.

The law suffers from hindsight too. At times the long arm of the law comes to grab one several years later if the application of that particular law is still in force. One may have worked hard to save funds for one’s retirement but some stipulations of law allow the seizure of those too, which is a pity.

One’s financial wealth may come down, one’s assets may shrink but one thing that will always go up is taxes. The wealthy are always liable for punishment through heavy taxation.

A businessman or a business house that opts for Offshore Banking and Business structuring with the help of offshore banks is in an enviable position as he can protect his assets, maintain his wealth, ensure his privacy as far as his financial health is concerned and avoid unnecessary litigation and wealth depleting taxation.

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The type of services offered by a bank depends upon the nature of the bank and the country where the bank operates. The services provided by banks usually include checking accounts, saving accounts, and investment advice.

The main function of most banks is directly accepting deposits from the general public and providing check facilities for withdrawal purposes. The provision of the check facilities differentiates banks from other financial institutions.

Lending money to companies, individuals, the government, and other financial institutions is the second major activity of all types of banks. Banks play a vital role in the capital formation of a country through saving and investment functions. They pool the savings of the small investors and general public and utilize the funds by investing the companies or the government.

Banks also render services like facilitating money transactions such as wire transfers and cashiers checks, issuing credit cards and debit cards, and provisioning safe deposit boxes for the storage of valuables. Modern banks also provide sophisticated services like online banking, project financing, leasing, merchant banking, and personal banking. Online banking relieves the customers from time-consuming paper based banking transactions with the help of information technology. Personal banking provides technology-enabled and customized banking products like phone banking and Internet banking.

Banks may undertake merchant banking activities like managing issue of shares, their allotment, and the collection of share amounts on behalf of joint stock companies. Currently, most customers enjoy the benefits of ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) where they can withdraw money from their accounts at any time.

Online Banking Services Enjoy Fast And Hassle Free Banking

If you have been considering starting a private banking relationship, but were not sure if it would be a good financial move on your part, please keep reading and your questions just might be answered.

The world of private banking has improved so much over the past twenty years or so, that it is very difficult to phantom how a high net worth individual could not come out economically ahead because of their expertise. There are so many different ways that they can be helpful to you, that it is not possible to list them all.

It would be appropriate to think of a private banker today as a business partner that has more connections than anybody you know, and can do more things for you than anybody you have ever associated with. If that sounds like a very strong statement, it is, and it also happens to be true.

Think of it this way, who does a typical private banker come in contact with each and every working day? The richest and most powerful people in the local business community is who. Who else do you know that can make a very large loan to you or your business with a single phone call, and have those funds in your bank account ready for you to use in a matter of minutes?

Well maybe your mother or father, but there certainly are not too many other business contacts that you have that can do that for you. The benefits mentioned above are just a tiny fraction of the possibilities that a very experienced and highly knowledgeable private banker can do for you.

Do you have an investment advisor, a stock broker, a business manager, and a tax accountant? If so, once again, those are just a few of the financial services that this profession can deliver to you. A private banker has access to the most sophisticated and creditable stock market research that there is today.

Private bankers work for some of the largest and most influential financial institutions in the world today. All of these firms employee the most knowledgeable money managers and stock market analysis in the world today. Once you have your private banking relationship established, their capabilities are just one telephone call away.

Are you planning on expanding your business operation into other geographic territories? If so, almost assuredly your private banker can make a single telephone call and put you in touch with all of the capable and well-informed people that you will require to make this expansion a huge monetary success story for you.

Hopefully, you now understand some of the important resources that a highly experienced private banking institution can throw your way. If and when you are ready to investigate the possibilities a little bit further, please sit down with your bank and see what they bring to the table. But, do not limit yourself to your present bank, please be sure to contact other banks to make sure you find the best financial solution for you and your business.

Online Electronic Banking Services

There is a lot to consider when selecting a MS mortgage lender who will not only give you the best possible interest rate and mortgage terms, but who will offer convenient services that fit with your busy lifestyle years into the future? Let’s face it, we all live very active lives and the last thing we need to worry about is trying to rush to the bank before they close to do something with a home loan.

That’s why more people are looking for MS mortgage lenders who offer some variety of online banking services. From checking into your account around the clock to looking at your approval for mortgage loans, some of these services can come in very handy for those who are always on the rush and need to check on things during unconventional business hours.

The following MS mortgage lenders currently offer online banking services as well as some great mortgage programs which may make your borrowing experience more rewarding.

Hancock Bank – Located All Over Mississippi

Hancock Bank is located in eleven different cities throughout Mississippi and offers complete online services. While everyday bankers who use their services can check up on their accounts anytime they wish, those who wish to apply for a MS mortgage can get pre-approved in just minutes through their website.

Just about anything you could possibly need to do in terms of banking can be done through the Hancock Bank website or from one of their many locations all around the state. It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that!

BancCorp South – Located All Over Mississippi

This MS mortgage lender also has a variety of locations throughout the state, but offers online banking services as well. They do allow online applications for home mortgages, but you will not get an automatic response as you do with the previous bank. With BancCorp you are allowed to apply online but the information is sent to one of the loan officers at a location near you. That loan officer will then review the information and contact you to answer all of your questions and continue processing the application.

Mutual Credit Union in Vicksburg

This MS mortgage lender is a bit different than a larger bank. Credit unions serve smaller areas but typically offer members more competitive rates and may be willing to work with people who have difficultly getting approved from many of the larger lending banks. Add online banking services and you have a great opportunity for securing a home loan in Mississippi.

While they do not offer online applications for a MS mortgage, you can walk into their credit union and have a pre-approval decision within a half hour. A loan officer will take all of your information, check it out, and give you the pre-approval or denial while you wait!

There are hundreds of other MS mortgage lenders, some which may be specific to your particular area of the state. It’s a good idea to start searching through websites for a few of them to see what the going rate is in your area, what types of programs are being offered right now, and which ones may be the most convenient to work with in the future of your loan.

Finding a MS mortgage lender that will work with your current situation and approve you for a loan can be a frustrating process. Thankfully, you have plenty of options to find someone willing to work with you!

Taking A Look At Popular Online Banking Services

If you need to transfer money to China quickly, using banks can often be the best idea. You will find that mail can take weeks, as can waiting for a check to clear, so that is usually the slowest option. As long as you do some research to pick the bank options that are the most budget-conscious, you will ensure that your recipient gets the money you need to send as soon as possible, with little expense or hassle for you. Consider some of the top options.

First, you should know that China’s currency is called the renminbi, or RMB. The yuan is the main unit of money, and 1 U.S. dollar equals about 6.82632 Yuan. Remember that the exchange rate changes frequently, so check just before you transfer money to China. Also, be sure to budget for any fees you will be charged for this service so that your recipient can get the full amount of money that you intend to send.

The Bank of China is one of the first banks that comes to many people’s minds, as there are locations both in the United States and China. If the one in New York is close to you, consider going to that location with cash and sending it. If you can only do it online, you can print out the form at their website, fill in the blanks, and send it to the Bank of China. This will take a bit longer than in person, since you will likely wait over a week for them to cash your check, and then a few more days to transfer funds electronically. Most transfers are $10 to $20; note that the more expensive price is for electronic transfers since it is faster.

If your intended recipients have a bank account at any Chinese bank, and you have one at an American bank, you can usually transfer money to China through that way. Some of the most popular banks include the Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, China Merchants Bank, International Bank of Asia, Wing Lung Bank, and Bank of China. Banks that are also in the United States include Bank of America and Citibank Hong Kong. If you decide to transfer money to one of these or other banks, you would just need your friend or relative’s bank account number and the SWIFT code for their bank. The fees depend on the banking institution. Wells Fargo charges $5 to send money to a bank account, while Citibank charges $12. Other banks, such as HSBC, typically charge around $30 for wires, so be sure to shop around first.

If you find that dealing with banks is too expensive or inconvenient for you, there are other options. Some people do not like having to go to the bank and then pay large fees every time they need to transfer money to China. If you can relate, consider using a prepaid debit card instead. It carries the same benefits as a bank debit card, except you can add funds to it whenever you need to. Once your relatives or friends receive the card in the mail, you can add as much money as you need to for $5 each time, no matter the amount you add. They can then use it as a debit card at most stores, or withdraw cash in yuan at ATMs throughout China.

In the end, you are the one sending money, so you should choose what is convenient for you. Additionally, the more money you save on fees, the more you can send to your friends or family in China. For this reason, be sure to compare bank services before you transfer money to China.

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In case you are not using world wide web consumer banking expert services provided by your bank or lending institution then you have never moved into the modern day yet my friend and are probably living in some cult religion that does not acknowledge any type of technology or even electricity. Chances are you continue to be churning butter by hand as well as milking cows in the barn while tuning up your fiddle for the hootenanny later on that evening.

Internet banking expert services have completely revolutionized the approach which financial institutions do business in several important ways. Remember merely five or six years ago when you walked right into a traditional bank and there were huge queues every single payday (1st as well as 15th)? Now you step into a financial institution and you are immediately welcomed (accosted) by one or quite a few supervisors before you even get into line, which is probably small. The line is actually small for a good reason since there are usually 5 to 6 teller windows open and often just around 2 or 3 clients in line, or anywhere inside the area for that matter.

Behind the tellers are often the teller manager and the assistant manager and they patrol back and forth down the line like jail guards dubious of an impending get away plot. All these supervisors will also greet you and ask you how your day is going or just how your weekend was or any one of several insipid rhetorical questions which they really don’t care to learn the answer for.

Since most individuals are now using internet banking services provided by all of the top banking companies and most of the lesser ones as well, there are less and less purposes for any of them to actually go into the bank establishment itself. Unsurprising is the reality that as soon as you get into the bank establishment the only clients there are senior citizens who either are not computer literate or are simply searching for somebody to welcome them and inquire them ridiculous queries. You cannot talk to an 80-year old individual a question like how their afternoon is going because you can get an earful and then some. I have seen grown guys break down as well as weep simply because the senior citizen will simply not stop yapping, bless their kindly wrinkly old spirits.

There must be instructional classes at the local senior facilities regarding how to run a personal computer and get online. Old folks should not be denied the pleasures of the world wide web. They’ve got equally as much right as you or I to receive junk e-mail and Trojan viruses which will harm their computers and lead to identity theft. Why must they be exempt from Nigerian or Ghana bank frauds or MLM pyramid schemes designed to deceive them of their social security money? Many seniors love to email as well as chat online back and forth and has led to an explosion of knitting websites as well as subsequent discussion boards.

Why People Apply For Offshore Banking Services

“Swiss Private Banking” is a term always used with reference to a specialized group of financial institutions based in Switzerland that are entirely dedicated towards managing portfolios of private clients.

Supported by a politically and socially stable economy and a dependable legal system, Switzerland is one of those few countries having a long history of economic prosperity. However, the country has always been recognized as a global leader in banking providing reliable, secure and confidential providing sophisticated, discreet and professional banking services to customers.

How to Open a Swiss Bank Account? – “Opening an account in a Swiss Bank is only possible if you are a millionaire” – This statement doesn’t hold any truth. Anybody can open a bank account with a Swiss bank, provided he/she meets the specified eligibility criteria.

Opening an account with any Swiss bank is almost similar to that of opening a bank account in your own country. At present, there are more than 400 authorized banking institutions and securities firms in this country serving millions of customers across the globe. Prominent among these are UBS AG and Credit Suisse, each of them having an extensive branch network within the country and in many parts of the world. All that one needs to do is to find out a good banking institution that allows a non-resident savings account but doesn’t require huge amount of money towards minimal deposit. There are some banks where customers can open an account with a minimum initial deposit of Fr. 5,000 only. Information on such banking firms in Switzerland can be obtained on the internet. In fact there are several websites providing unlimited reviews of Swiss banks. Just contact them and get the conditions required for opening an account.

How to open a Swiss bank account? – There are three ways of opening an account with a Swiss Bank. Just pay a brokerage amount ranging from $400 to $1000 depending on the account type to any online brokerage firm and they can open a bank account on your behalf. However, this method is being strictly regulated under Swiss laws so as to prevent any fraudulent activities. Hence, Swiss banks are ensuring that they are completely aware about the customer’s background before approving any account opening form from non-resident customers. Second method of opening a Swiss bank account is to pay a personal visit. Lastly, one can even opt for opening an account through mail, where the customer needs to contact the local Swiss Consulate, submit a requisition, get the required forms, fill them up, get the signature verified at the Consulate and send across all the documents along with the initial deposit money to the bank via mail.

Why Swiss Private Banks Are Highly Reputed? – The concept of Swiss private banking services originated for the first time in St. Gallen and Geneva during mid 1700s with the objective of helping customers with aspects such as wealth management, asset protection and investment so that they can pass on their assets to the next generation. Since then, these private banks have been an integral part of Swiss culture.

The most remarkable aspect about private banking sector in Switzerland is its adherence to aspects such as confidentiality and privacy. Due to these reasons, Swiss banks have long been a safe haven for criminals and offenders for preserving their money. In fact, it is not even possible to know that an individual owns a Swiss private bank account until the details are revealed by the individual himself. However, banking secrecy code doesn’t exist on accounts in circumstances where the account holder is undergoing legal proceedings for crimes such as illegal drug trafficking, smuggling, terrorist activities, or money laundering.

Secondly, Swiss banks offer an extensive range of services to customers depending on the needs and requirements of the customer. These services include checking accounts, savings accounts, custodial accounts, investment options, Swiss bank certificates of deposit and stock certificates. For selected customers, these banks even provide specialized services such as estate planning, wealth management and trust companies.

Thirdly, the interest earned on money deposits present in Swiss Bank accounts is exempted from tax. Accessing money is easier as most of these banks conduct Swiss online bank operations and provide complete internet banking services. Also, these banks facilitate a variety of withdrawal methods such as credit cards, direct cash withdrawals, travelers’ checks and online bank transfers. In addition, they allow customers to make withdrawals in any currency of their choice.